Open Play

Open Play is a uniquely designed system, that allows for a large number of players, to play the maximum amount of games, in the shortest period of time. This means that there is NEVER a long wait time before getting in on the game action.

How It Works:
There are 3 levels of play & 3 courts.
Competitive – working on specific aspects of your game; playing to win; knows the game
Advanced – experienced and wants to stay active in the game; playing for exercise more than winning; wants a good game
Recreational – not concerned with winning; just want to play for fun, laugh, and have a GREAT time!

*** At times it may be necessary to adjust the number of courts for the different levels, based on player demand.

Player purchases wristband (can be worn on ankle). Wristband allows a player to come & go and play ALL day. RATES: Weekday – $3.00 / Weekend – $6.00
Player signs up on LEVEL specific court. Players can sign up individually or as a team. If signing up as a team, players must select a sign up sheet with enough blank lines to accommodate the team. When a game ends, the next team to play will be the next FULL sign up sheet ready. If a partially full sign up sheet gets passed, it will become next in line when it is full.

Teams play to 21 (must win by 2 points).  Losing team must go sign up to play again.  If NO players are waiting, teams may start a new game.  If the same team wins 3 games in a row, they must go sign up again and 2 new teams will play. If there are not 2 new teams waiting, the winners can stay on the court until there are 2 new teams waiting.

This system is great for school team players to divide into smaller groups for chemistry development. It’s great for friends looking for a recreational bond. It’s great for co-workers as a team building exercise . It’s also just a great way to get some individual exercise and meet some new friends.

Upcoming Open Play Times